Redhill Routes

Below are a few links to running routes starting and finishing at Redhill Leisure Centre. For our seasoned veterans these might hold happy memories. Newcomers can look up what might be in store for you if coach says "Upper Woodthorpe tonight", etc.

Upper Woodthorpe 6.1 mile road, one significant hill past Woodthorpe park

Lower Woodthorpe 5 mile road, misses out the hill

Newstead Abbey 16 mile trail, gently undulating weekend run

Soapbox 9.3 mile road, named after the soapbox factory off Haydn Rd

Forest Road  8.7 mile road, has an alternative but less polite name

Breck Hill / Gedling 9 mile road; looks like a runner on the map!

Bulwell 10 mile road

Caravan Site 8.4 mile trail; a long-ish summer evening route

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